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To the Woman Who has Insecurities

I guess most women, if not all, have the greatest enemy in the form of their own insecurities.

Yes, you read it right. You are not fighting alone with that battle.

“My skin is too dark.”

“I’m not that tall.”

“If only I’m as talented as her.”

“I want to have a body like them.”

And believe me, I too am just like most women.


I do have my own set of insecurities. Unwelcome pimples on my face, this “macho braso” that I have; I’m short, not that smart, with fats all over my body, and a ton more! Believe me, I’ve fought with these many, many times.

And just last night, while randomly scrolling through Instagram, as I saw a post from a page that I follow where they gave credit to the person who made their post. I don’t know why but as if something triggered me to go and check her Instagram account, which is weird because I don’t usually do that. So I did and found out that she’s also a blogger based on her bio. I checked her blog site and I must say she’s really great! She has already written a lot, and oh boy she’s an expert! I won’t deny that I was really encouraged with her blogs.

But the enemy also took this opportunity to discourage me. From being inspired to being insecure real quick. He started whispering lies in my ears and made me feel that I’m not-and will never be-good enough. I must admit, I was at the verge of losing this battle between me and my insecurities. I almost caved in with the thought that “Yeah, I will never be as a good as she is. Maybe blogging is not for me. I won’t be a successful blogger like her. I’m not capable of being great like her.” Until to the point of, “Maybe I should just stop blogging.”

As the enemy was so quick to dishearten me, but God is infinitely hastier to lift my hopes up.

Allow me to share the words God revealed that made me a victor over the enemy’s lies that almost snatched the joy in my heart.  Words that really made me cry in the middle of the night while all of my family were sleeping. And I’m praying that these will sink deep down in your spirit as you fight your own battle, and yes, go on home triumphant!


Dear woman, yes you read it right. You are UNIQUELY awesome which means, there’s no need for comparison.


There are lots of women out there who are beautiful, smart, creative, and sexy, among other pretty words we can use to describe them. And most of the time you would think that they are better than you. I’m sorry to say but you’re wrong–VERY.

She maybe beautiful, but you’re also beautiful. Maybe not the same as her beauty, but you’re stunning in your own way. She, being beautiful doesn’t make you any less attractive. Please remember that. There’s need not to compare yourself with other women because in God’s eyes, He sees us all as His astonishing princesses.

“She, being beautiful doesn’t make you less attractive.


Because when you start comparing yourself with other people, it’s as if you’re telling God that something is wrong with His work; that He didn’t do His job well. Just because you thought His masterpiece, which is you, is not good enough.

I know sometimes it’s really tempting to see others as better than you and then look down on yourself because you’re unlike them. But you aren’t supposed to be like them. God created you to be YOU.  So stop trying to be like someone else and start being the real YOU.

But you aren’t supposed to be like them. God created you to be YOU.

In my case, I was tempted many times to “copy” the way other bloggers write because I thought that my own technique was not good enough. I thought that people might not be entertained or encouraged with the way I write. Maybe no one will read my blogs because I’m an amateur writer, I have a lot of grammar lapses, my thoughts are scattered and many more. Trust me, these thoughts that I allowed in my mind have drained me big time! It took away my visions and my God-given dreams. It sapped away my passion to achieve more for God.

Until God reminded me again of this: “You are in competition with no one. You don’t have to be better with anyone. Other people are good at something and so are you.” Okay, let’s say they have already achieved a lot of things, have accomplished great things and are seemingly established with their chosen careers. Alright, point taken. But still, they are not better than you. I could repeat this for a hundred, thousand times just for you to get it–that no one’s better than anyone. It’s just that they have reached their destination first, and you’ll eventually reach your own as well, at God’s right timing. But while you’re not yet there, enjoy and learn to trust God through the process.

You are in competition with no one. You don’t have to be better with anyone. Other people are good at something and so are you. “

Just stop comparing yourself to anyone because you know what? At the end of the day, God’s plan for each one of us is creatively different. So there’s no use of comparing. Your story is different with other people’s story and that’s okay.

You are uniquely awesome so stop wishing to be like somebody else.

There’s just too many voices telling us how we should look like, how should we behave, what should we have…all of these things. The media has conditioned our minds that they are the standard of true beauty. They have made us believed that the things that we have, or our achievements, are where we can find our worth.  But I beg to disagree with that. Whatever or whoever you are, you are enough. You are okay. You are worthy. Because our real standard is Jesus, nothing more, nothing else.

“…Our real standard is Jesus, nothing more, nothing else.”

It doesn’t matter what skin color you have; what matters is your pure heart.

It doesn’t matter what your height is, what matters is your prayers that reaches heaven.

It doesn’t matter how wide or thin the lips you have; what matters are the kind words that you speak that heal a broken soul.

It doesn’t matter if you feel you’re not that smart, what matters is you possess a teachable spirit.

It doesn’t matter how many flaws you have; what matters is that you are secured with your identity in Christ.

You are uniquely awesome not because of what you look like, but because of what is within you. You have the kind of beauty that doesn’t fade but soars high that it reaches eternity.


You are immeasurably and unconditionally loved by our Father in heaven! And being loved by Him also means: He believes in you. If God doesn’t believe in you, I bet He would not send His only begotten Son to be crucified on the cross. But He does, that’s why He did!

Just the thought that this supreme God, King of kings, Lord of lords, creator of the whole universe… believes in me, believes in you, is enough reason for us to keep on keeping on.


“I BELIEVE IN YOU” these are the words He whispered in my ears while I was so busy fixating my thoughts on my inadequacies. Then before I knew it, my heart just wanted to burst and explode! I can’t stop crying as He kept saying these words to me.

And then He added these words, “Jervs, continue writing for your blog and be sure of this, I’ll be the first one to read it and I will be one proud Father.”

To be honest, this is the only reason why I still chose to write a blog because I know that I already have one sure reader – God. As long as God approves of my work, it doesn’t matter anymore who rejects it, because I know that at the end of the day, I’m serving an Audience of One. It’s never my duty to please anyone but only the Worthy One.

So set aside those insecurities and do anyway whatever He is asking you to do, even if you think that there are other people better than you. Because you’re not doing it for anybody else, you’re doing it for God. You have nothing to prove. You don’t have to gain all of the people’s approval. God believing in you is the greatest encouragement you could ever have.

“…you’re not doing it for anybody else, you’re doing it for God. You have nothing to prove.”

Remember this when your family and your friends stop believing in you, God is still and will always be your number 1 fan.

You have nothing to be insecure of when you know that whatever you do, you can be sure that there will always be this someone who’ll support you and be proud of you.

Write a blog, He’ll be your First Reader.

Sing a song, He’ll be your First Listener.

Publish a book, He’ll be your First Buyer.

Do your art, He’ll be your Greatest Supporter.

Reach for your dreams, He’ll be the Happiest Father.

And whatever you do, as long as you are in the will of God, know that He’s right beside you, cheering for you and saying:

“You got this! I’m with you.”




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