Thank You Mom!


Thank you for taking on the risk of giving birth to us. As they say, the moment you’ve stepped inside the operating room, half of your life is already in the grave. But even with this knowledge, you were willing to pay the price simply because you love us. You already loved us even before you saw us.

Thank you for you never get tired in cleaning the house and preparing everything that we need. You always make sure that we’re okay and as much as possible, we lack nothing. Thank you for serving us delicious meals. It doesn’t only satisfy our tummies but also warms our hearts, for you prepared it with love. Your love for us is so selfless, that you first think of us before caring for yourself.

Thank you for being our number 1 fan. You always believed in us even when nobody would, or even when we couldn’t believe in ourselves anymore. You always have the right words to say to encourage us when we’re feeling down. You have always been the first to clap in the events or activities that we’re in. You may not say it often, but you always make sure that we feel that you’re proud of us whether we succeed or fail.

Thank you being a strict-but-loving mom. You may not give everything that we want, but it’s because you want us to learn the bitter truth of life–that we won’t always get what we want, but we can always be grateful for what we have; to be content whether we’re full or empty.

You taught us how to follow rules even if sometimes it’s hard, simply because it’s the right thing to do. It may not make us happy at first but surely it gave us peace in our hearts. You made us love discipline while enduring it and now we understand that it’s for our own good. Thank you for reprimanding us when we’re wrong; for correcting our ill manners. You don’t tolerate us for being spoiled brats. Even in your rebuke, you never fail to make us feel loved.

Thank you for being strong no matter what circumstance we may face. You may not tell us, but I know that there are times that you already wanted to give up. There were moments when you secretly cried because we hurt you but didn’t bother to say anything because you just chose to understand us. I know sometimes you get tired of taking care of us. But you dont quit and instead you keep on giving your all to us.

Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for never ceasing in listening to my stories: of what transpired throughout my day or how handsome and awesome my crush is. 😂
I always love our late night talks together with papa. I know I can be true to you and you’d still love me. Thank you for laughing at my corny jokes. Thank you for pointing out when I’m getting fat but still would push me to eat a lot so you’ll be sexier! Hahahah! Thank you for letting me cry when I’m hurt or tired and your hug will always be my greatest comfort. Thank you for always never failing to tell us how beautiful we are when we feel insecure of other girls. (syempre, nanay ka namin eh 😅)

Thank you for letting God use you as His vessel of love, not just for us but also for the people around you. You bring light to every place you go. You speak life to people you talk to. You serve others selflessly. I always learn a lot from your wisdom.

You are indeed beautiful inside and out.

I’m beyond grateful to have you as my mom and as my best friend.

I want to be like you someday.
You are my role model of a godly woman.

Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all. Proverbs 31:29

I love you mom!




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