Embracing New Season

Stepping in a new season is difficult. Adjustment period would probably be one of the hardest parts as you step into it.
Just like when we were highschool students, and suddenly moving up to college, sepanx (separation anxiety) was legit with our highschool friends, whom we got used to being around with for years. We also had to adjust with the schedule because there are longer hours for each subject compared to that in highschool.
Or when we finish college and we were about to enter the “real world”, better known as the adult life. We couldn’t afford to not come to work just because we’re lazy, or even if we become sick sometimes–unlike when we were still students, where an absent in class is not that big of a deal. More responsibilities are required from us that’s why coffee is life talaga. This is where you start getting your SSS, Phil Health, NBI, TIN, PAG-IBIG, and etc.
Or the moment we move up from being a member into a leader. The sense of responsibilty rises because we’re not just a follower anymore; we’re now the one being followed. We become extra careful with our actions and take care of our lives, as we need to be their role models. We’re expected to practice what we preach, to walk our talk.
For others, it’s from being single to being in a relationship. Or from being couples as boyfriend and girlfriend to becoming one as husband and wife. You don’t think about just for yourself anymore, but need to consider your partner’s feelings. Understanding each other’s differences and giving allowance for each other’s shortcomings becomes a necessity; deciding everyday to commit with your partner through thick and thin.
It is indeed hard, traversing an unfamiliar territory; clueless of what lies ahead. It’s where we’re branded once again, as “newbies”.
The fear of trying lurks around us, because we think we’re just going to fail. Or worst, giving up becomes a more palatable option, as we’re not used with the new set-up. And as the dread within us worsens, we end up thinking that escape is probably the best solution.
But hey…
I just want to remind you this:


You may feel like you’re groping in the dark as you go through that new season, but know that He is guiding you in every step of the way. Leading you in His great plan — plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future (Jerem.29:11)
I know it’s hard. It takes a lot of adjustments to be at ease in that new situation. But it’s the perfect time to trust God despite of all your uncertainties. 
To keep believing even though you may not be in your comfort zone, that He makes all things work together for your own good. It’s the perfect time to strengthen your faith as you refuse to entertain fear, which is just the enemy’s lie to discourage you, as you embrace your purpose in life.
You may feel that what you’re having on your plate right now is too much, but remember that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Phil 4:13). You’re not fighting alone, God is with you and fighting for you. 


He has placed you in that next level of yours, so believe that whatever you’ll need, He will provide. May it be courage, strength, wisdom, faith, love, finances, vision, or just about every need you might think of.


And may I also remind you, that you don’t have to be afraid about committing mistakes. That’s okay. Everyone fails, and it is through our failures that we’ll learn. You’re still in the process of knowing the how’s of things. And sometimes the only way to find it out is through trial and error.
No one is “the best” in their first try. But they become better, and eventually, grow to be the best, as they choose to continue despite of hundreds of failures. Indeed, their best teacher has become their own experiences, whether good or bad.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Learn things one step at a time. No need to hurry. What’s important is you’re moving forward.
It’s okay to cry when you feel so weary; drained emotionally and physically. It’s okay to shout in your room when you feel that the task is too burdensome. It’s okay. Let it out. You don’t need to keep everything to yourself.
Don’t let pressure take over you, and learn to rest when you are overwhelmed. Because when we choose to continue working even if energy and passion has been zapped from our bodies, we tend to be inefficient.
Yes, stepping in a new season is indeed difficult. I know because I’m currently going through it. I can relate how hard it is to juggle all priorities at the same time — work, family, ministry, review, and passion (blogging).
I’m still in the adjustment period of a young adult’s responsibilities. I’m learning how to balance everything that in as much as I can, through God’s grace, nothing in my priorities will be compromised.
To be honest, for the first few weeks of my work, I’ve been crying to God and just uttering “Lord, kapagal…” (Lord, it’s tiring) I always go home physically tired. Until to the point that I also became emotionally exhausted, because I was too pressured of people’s expectations from me. I was afraid that I might not meet their standards. It was so frustrating a moment, that I was already thinking of quitting my job.

But God is indeed a good, good Father.

I was able to write all of these things because it’s a manifestation of His faithfulness in my life. He brought me through it and sure enough, He’ll do the same with you.
For what I’ve discovered in this struggle is that really, it’s a blessing, but just in disguise. Because it’s maybe difficult, but sure enough it’ll mold our character, causing us to be better, and definitely, it will make us depend more on our Maker.
Let’s keep this mind,

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