Hi! I’m Jervy Domingo Fermin. My family calls me Queen Vee, it was my instagram username before. While some of my friends call me Beng or V.

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I came from a cool and loving family. And also a very clingy family. We love being together always, specially, on Sundays, it’s a reserved, untouchable day for us.  They’re my best friends, I tell them everything — my struggles and victories alike, and even my crushes. I’m grateful for my parents for they’re the ones who introduced Christ to me since I was young.

I am currently taking Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English at Holy Angel University. To teach the youth is my passion.

I am part of the youth pastoral team of Wildfire, the youth ministry of His Life City Church. I would  fight and even lay down my life for the next generation for I believe they’re worth it.

Currently, I am starting a movement — She’s Worth It, it is a Facebook page, together with some of my lifegroup members. Our goal is to unveil the Queen in every woman as they realized they real worth in Christ. My prayer is that they would rise up as brave women who live their lives with a purpose — for the glory of God and to be an inspiration to other women.

I usually spend my days reading books, writing my thoughts and random revelations, checking test papers or writing a lesson plan, trying new restaurants or cafe with my disciples, traveling to new places with my family, or savoring my favorite Matcha, in my me-time.

But at the end of the day, I’m just a simple girl trying to be brave in this fearsome world through and for Christ alone.


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