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They are Not ‘Just Teachers’

Ma’am/Sir. Guro. Binibini/Ginoo. Professor. Instructor. Facilitator. Or the one who simply we call “teacher”. The ones who taught us to sing and dance through nursery rhymes. The ones who taught us how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide not only numbers but also letters. The ones who honed our acting skills through thousand times of… Continue reading They are Not ‘Just Teachers’

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Don’t Court Her Unless…

Don’t court her unless you’re ready for commitment. The moment you choose to court her, you’re actually declaring that if she says ‘yes’ to you, you’re willing to stay with her through whatever. It’s about being ready to beat the odds with her no matter how difficult it may get. There would always be girls… Continue reading Don’t Court Her Unless…

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To the Woman Who has Insecurities

I guess most women, if not all, have the greatest enemy in the form of their own insecurities. Yes, you read it right. You are not fighting alone with that battle. “My skin is too dark.” “I’m not that tall.” “If only I’m as talented as her.” “I want to have a body like them.”… Continue reading To the Woman Who has Insecurities