Choose to Be Brave


Most of my blogs are actually God’s revelations I gain as I continue to read from the Book of Life. And my inspiration in doing a blog is the verse whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31) I really don’t know that much but I’m praying that through these blogs I’ll hit two birds in one stone. First and most important thing, to glorify God through it. And secondly, to hearten some few people (specially women) to live bravely in this fearsome world.


As a youth leader one of my agendas is to encourage the youth,  by God’s grace, to wait for God’s timing when it comes to entering a relationship; a relationship where God is the foundation.

Another, is that in a way I’ll also be able to influence them to pursue purity in all aspects. And lastly, to let both of them, a man and a woman, see their worth in Christ alone.

All these things by being setting my life as an example to the youth.


These are the things I love to do. It may be with other people, or just alone. Expect that I’ll be sharing my ideas here about a certain thing and what I love about it. It can also be just a part of my daily routine until something novel happened.

Mostly it would be about a book, my journey in discipleship, traveling or trying a new restaurant/cafe.


I believe God speaks to us through everything, everywhere and He even can use anyone if only our hearts are open to listen to Him. This mostly happen to me while riding on a jeepney or just walking, while talking with my friends or just being alone, or sometimes just a vandalism on a wall. He speaks to me even with the smallest detail that I can see with my surroundings. And you might find something here where you could relate with me and hopefully apply it in your personal life.

Also, I have included my life group members’ testimonies. I believe a changed life is one of the most powerful evidences of God’s unconditional love for accepting someone no matter how sinful they were in their past lives. I believe it is one of God’s expertise to turn a nobody to somebody. So I hope they may encourage with their testimonies!

P.S: Amateur writer here. So expect some grammar errors with some of my blogs.