Congratulations Irregular Students!

  First of all, congratulations irregular students for finishing your degree in the not-so-common-way! I salute you! Di ko alam anong rason mo bakit naging irreg ka. Posibleng dahil shifter ka, nagstop ka tapos nag decide ulit na mag-aral, transferee, may bagsak na subject o late enrollee na naubusan ng slot. Pero kahit ano pang… Continue reading Congratulations Irregular Students!

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To the Woman Who has Insecurities

I guess most women, if not all, have the greatest enemy in the form of their own insecurities. Yes, you read it right. You are not fighting alone with that battle. “My skin is too dark.” “I’m not that tall.” “If only I’m as talented as her.” “I want to have a body like them.”… Continue reading To the Woman Who has Insecurities